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At Accommodation Supplies ordering your cleaning products and inventory is safe and secure. Having a trade account with us is one way to protect yourself, but using either your card, credit or debit to pay for your accommodation and cleaning supplies is safe and secure too.

To transact card payments for your cleaning & inventory order Accommodation Supplies uses Sage Pay. We don't manage the system directly. Instead, our accommodation & cleaning supplies website talks to Sage Pay when you're paying. The Sage Pay system will ask you to enter details from your card which can only be validated by the card issuer.

This is why unfortunately if your credit or debit card payment fails we cannot help. If you experience problems entering your personal information on Sage Pay, you'll need to contact your card provider.  They hold the details of your account and Accommodation Supplies will never ask you to share those details with us.

Sage Pay is Europe’s leading independent payment service provider (PSP) and one of the most trusted payment brands. With over 50,000 businesses relying on Sage Pay to process card payments securely and help stop fraudulent transaction, Accommodation Supplies felt assured using the Sage Pay system would offer both us and our customers the highest levels of protection.

Sage Pay makes payments safe and secure, your data is always secure and all transactions made are encrypted to the highest global standards. Accommodation Supplies want to give our customers peace of mind when it comes to payments, which is why we use the Sage Pay service.

This guidance does not just relate to the Accommodation Supplies website but to any e-commerce website where you wish to purchase goods.

Improve your online shopping experience and reduce your chances of making a purchase from an unsecured website with these handy tips.

Never start entering any personal information and card details before checking a few things. You’ll notice at Accommodation Supplies when it comes to this stage of the checkout the URL will change from ‘http’ to ‘https’. There is also a padlock symbol next to the URL which means it is in a locked state. If you wish to find out more, just double click on this and detailed security information will be displayed. Only ever purchase from online stores with payment security.

You’ll notice via Accommodation Supplies’ static pages we have been transparent with how we hold information, what we do with this and all our policies are displayed. Hopefully being part of the Pattersons Group, who have traded since 1889, and the fact you can come and see us at Newton Abbot also acts as a trust symbol! Before completing a purchase for cleaning supplies and accommodation inventory read our returns, refunds and security policies. Certain products such as capital equipment and cleaning machines will come as standard with a warranty. Details are written next to these products on our website. Whatever website you are on, if you have never made a purchase from there please check all of this information.2. Check The Company’s Security Compliance Level All legal retailers have to have some level of PCI compliance. If you can’t find the information required online, don’t be afraid to contact the Company and ask.

Can you contact the Company after you have made a purchase? At Accommodation Supplies you can and we have provided telephone numbers, email addresses and our postal address where you can come and see us and our huge cleaning supplies and accommodation inventory warehouse. Being part of the Pattersons Group, we also have supplied the details of the various branches in England where you can purchase cleaning products and catering supplies.

All cards are secure, especially when using them to pay online for your cleaning supplies and inventory here but we recommend if you have a credit card use this over a debit card. Why? Credit cards offer you more consumer protection, which varies depending on your card, so contact them to find out the protection you are entitled to when paying for your cleaning supplies and inventory online.

3D Secure provides an additional layer of protection by asking you to enter a password that has been registered with your bank. So, if you are unlucky and your card details are obtained illegally this is one way to stop funds being spent in your name.

At Accommodation Supplies when you buy any inventory and cleaning supply within 10 minutes of completing payment you will receive an order confirmation from us by email. You can use this to not only contact us if you wish to discuss your cleaning and accommodation supplies order but also to check the transaction against your credit card statement.

Not that this will ever happen when you shop for cleaning products and accommodation inventory with Accommodation Supplies, but if you never receive your goods and you are unable to contact the company you made the purchase from, you can contact your bank for a chargeback.

We hope the above information helps assure you that shopping with Accommodation Supplies is safe and secure. If you have any questions regarding secure online payments call us on 01626 830 900 or email [email protected].

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