Glasswasher Liquids & Rinse Aids

For clean glasses you need commercial glasswasher liquids and glasswasher rinse aids. At Accommodation Supplies our range of glasswash detergents provides professional cleaning results, with a range of glasswash rinse aids to remove suds leaving behind streak free, sparkling glasses. Designed to be used in commercial glass washers, we stock leading brands such as Jangro and Winterhalter who are trusted by professional caterers in a variety of different businesses. We recommend the Jangro Glasswash Detergent which comes in a ready to use 5ltr container in conjunction with the Jangro Glasswash Rinse Aid 5ltr.  For dirty crockery, and you have a dishwasher try our dishwasher range of cleaning products such as our dishwasher powders and dishwash detergents. For speciality dishwashing requirements such as pre-soakers and destainers, Accommodation Supplies also stock these commercial cleaning products, as well as dishwasher salt. You’ll find everything you need here online in our Washing Up & Dishwashing section.

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