The Accommodation Centre

With a dedicated team of accommodation industry experts, the Accommodation Centre in Newton Abbot works hard to deliver the service our customers expect. As a bricks and mortar company whose parent company was established in 1889, Accommodation Supplies at Pattersons work with both large groups and small independents to create a partnership that is built on trust, honesty and longevity.

The Accommodation Centre in Devon aims to extend growth in this sector and ensure that the quality for which we are respected for is maintained. Our team of cleaning and inventory experts at the Centre have used their highly specialised knowledge to select our range of accommodation supplies and in particular our inventory and accommodation packs. Renowned for offering quality service and excellent customer care, we are always looking to offer our customers the insight, time, and advice they need through assistance over the phone, in person, or on our website.

The Accommodation Centre focuses on our renowned personal service and attention to detail. Working with each customer we are able to provide personalised solutions to individual needs and a tailored offering to meet any demand. We are very proud to be able to offer these services to our loyal customers and we believe that that we can provide an invaluable service to existing clients and those still to come.

Every day from our Accommodation Centre in Devon cleaning supplies and accommodation inventory is delivered to a network of customers in every corner of the UK. Our dedicated accommodation supplies centre stocks over 2000 products ready for immediate dispatch from our huge 28,000sq. ft warehouse! Here we pack and deliver cleaning products and equipment as well as accommodation inventory and supplies before shipping these off through England, Wales and Scotland. Our popular accommodation inventory packs are also assembled here on-site and picked and packed for each customer order. It’s pretty crazy here when September arrives and we are packing and dispatching thousands of student room packs to universities and student accommodation lets in every part of the UK with a two week window, but with our dedicated team of specialists and a bit of hard work, we have always manage to achieve this, keeping our customers happy with our high levels of customer care.

With over 127 years of experience, Accommodation Supplies serves the market with focus, quality and dedication. A deep, long-standing knowledge of the leisure & accommodation sector ensures we understand what is most important to our customers. Alongside our proven expertise, we are committed to offering a flexible service that is uniquely tailored to each customer.

If you’d like to find out more about the Accommodation Centre or about any of the services we provide, contact the customer services team on 01626 830 900. Or email us at [email protected].

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